March 14, 2008


How does Regency Discounts save you the customer money on your purchases. Regency has partnered with thousands of companies that offer discounts not offered to the general public. Many companies will not offer discounts to people just searching a product on google. The cost of advertising is at a peak at the moment so places like BUY.COM cannot afford to give everyone a break. This is where Regency comes in. Buy clicking Regency's website you will be automatically be eligible to purchase a item that is listed lower in our website then compared to the retail website. Buying from regency is like buying wholesale and not paying the fee everyone expects to pay when buying wholesale. You recieve 24-7 customer service and the lowest prices ranging from travel to home furnishings. Try regency out and see how much money you can save. Regency Discounts over 1 million items and the list gets updated daily. Regency also allows you to review the site before purchasing.

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