March 13, 2008


Description: Preschoolians Company has been in business for five years and we sell only over the interent. We won Time Magazine's Coolest Inventions for Visu Fit (which allows the parent to see just how the shoes fit and when it is time for a new pair).

About Preschoolians Company:

We have the largest selection of soft soled shoes that are proper for outdoor use in the world
We have a free measuring device called accu fit which is shipped to customers for free
We gurantee satisfaction period 100%
We have 7 day a week customer service via email, chat or phone
Our shoes are machine wash and dry
Each one of our shoes comes with three footbeds which allows the width of the shoe to be adjusted in your home
We make 4 distinct soles proper for several stages of development; all however just like barefoot

Our Founder, Jeffrey Silverman has over 20 years experience with children's footwear as well as being a father of three children.

In fact the United States government has awarded Jeffrey five different patents for his inventions in children's footwear. Jeffrey's first brand and company (called Toddler University) grew to become the number two market shareholder in shoes for preschoolers to Stride Rite before Stride Rite purchased the company in 1994.

Preschoolians was founded with Silverman's passion in mind: "As a parent myself, I know how frustrating it can be to get properly fitting, intelligently designed footwear for young children. The preschool years are the most important of all and I have always believed there should be a footwear company that focuses on that and nothing else. Now there is such a company."

At Preschoolians we are devoted to: Providing you with extraordinary customer service when you purchase our footwear. Creating the world's best footwear for preschoolers.

Our Guarantee
We stand behind our products without qualms or qualifiers. In the unlikely event you are not 100% satisfied with our products, we will give you your money back or a replacement.

For the specifics on what makes Preschoolians unique click here WHY PRESCHOOLIANS.

Order a FREE Accu Fit measuring device.

First time customers get a 15% discount when they sign up to receive our emails.

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